Here’s where it all started

Welcome to my world

My real name is Almog.
Since I was a little girl everyone knows me as ׳MOGGA׳.
This is me and this is my story. 

I was 7 years old…

I remember sitting on grandma lap watching the gemstones and diamond rings she had on both hands.

Big beautiful stones she had, white, black, red, blue. I admired the shapes, the colors, the bands, the diamonds decorating on the sides…

From time to time she would let me hold them, wear them, feel them.

  “I fell in love with jewels…”

Back than at age 7 I had no idea we will meet again, but I knew they made me feel special.

Those jewels knew they owned me since I was 7, and they’ve waited patiently for 20 years, before making their comeback to craft my life’s story.

Grandma passed when I was 12, left my mom her jewelry, she gave them to me.

One of my favorites, a grey kite diamond ring was lost falling into the Iguazu falls during my big South America trip (sorry nana).

“Hello old friends…”

I was 27, a law school student on my last year at college.
Life was great, had no right to complain.

Enjoyed school, loved my work, already got married to my chosen one and was pregnant with my first of two beautiful sons.
Everything was on track.

Didn’t realize my real track was right around the corner.

“Than this happened…”

I felt like i need a hobby.

found this old jeweler near by and asked him to teach me how to work and craft.

It was hard work apparently and I could do only once a week for 3 hours.

After a month it became my best 3 hours of the week.

I was playing the idea of creating it myself, so I started sketching, modeling and getting to know the different colorful stones out there.

ordered some first stones.

Than the shipment arrived.

Nothing mattered anymore.


“I fell in love with jewels. Again…”

I finally understood why “true colors are forever written in stones”.

Each of us has its color.

We are all trying to discover and unveil it in this quest called life.

I finally found mine.


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