Color Pop! 5 Ways To Style Gemstone Jewelry With Everyday Outfits

Looking for a way to spice up your everyday outfits? Look no further than gemstone jewelry! Vibrant and meaningful, gemstones have been used to embellish daily ensembles for centuries. They’re an excellent way to add color, elegance, and symbolism to an otherwise simple outfit.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on styling gemstone jewelry with everyday outfits. Whether you’re new to the world of gemstone jewelry or you just need some inspiration, we’re here for you! Become a gemstone jewelry styling pro with our tips below.  

Decide How Bold You Want To Go

Not all gemstones come in classic ‘jewel tones’. Many are known for their rich hues, but there are plenty of pastel gemstones for those that prefer a softer palette.

If you’re not sure where to start, look to your own wardrobe for inspiration. What colors do you frequently see?

If you’re a fan of soft pastels, you’ll enjoy delicately colored gemstones like morganite or light shades of spinel.


If earthy tones and neutrals are your go-to, you’ll love teal and yellow sapphires.

Those that mostly stick to black and white can choose gems with rich hues that create a striking pop of color, like classic blue sapphires or tourmaline.  

Invest In A Signature Piece

First there was the girl with the pearl earring. Why not be known as the girl with the sapphire ring? Having a signature piece of jewelry will help you develop your personal style and can act as a source of empowerment.


Look for a timeless design that will match with everything, like a solitaire ring or a simple pendant. You’ll want something understated enough that it won’t look strange with casual styles, but elegant enough that it will seamlessly pair with occasion wear. People will begin to associate you with your fabulous piece of gemstone jewelry, meaning you will always look put-together in their mind!


You can also use the traditional symbolism of your gem to provide you with inspiration and motivation throughout the day. For example, sapphires have long been known as wisdom stones. One quick look at your signature piece will remind you of their deeper meaning, and how you can apply it to your everyday life.

Work Around Your Jewelry

If you really want your jewelry to be the star of the show, work your outfit around your gems! Bigger statement pieces are perfect as finishing touches for evening wear and special occasion looks. Pair them with simple styles, like a classic LBD, to really make the color of the gemstones stand out.

Dainty pieces work best for elevating casual wear. From adding a feminine touch to athleisure to dressing up minimalist t-shirt and jean looks, you can always count on gemstone jewelry to bring your outfit to the next level.

Go All Out With Color 

Gemstone jewelry is a no-brainer for those that love color. Create a bold, monochromatic look by wearing colors that match your gemstone jewelry.


You can choose colors that naturally speak to you, or look to the principles of color therapy to add extra meaning to your ensemble:

Blue and green are calming colors that promote relaxation and harmony. You can find sapphires that range from blue to green, or have elements of both colors!
Red is an energizing color that encourages passion and stamina. Rubies, garnets, and spinel are all naturally red gemstones that will liven up your outfit and your mood.
Yellow and orange are uplifting colors that act as mood boosters and increase creativity. Diamonds, sapphires, citrine, and tourmaline all come in cheerful citrus-hued varieties.  
Pink is a comforting color that inspires love and compassion. Morganite, rose quartz, and tourmaline are all available in gentle pink hues that will add a touch of classic femininity to your outfits.
Purple is a spiritual color that stimulates intuition and imagination. Amethyst, spinel, and tourmaline all gemstones which come in rich purple varieties that will add instant sophistication to your outfit while sparking your creativity.

Look to the past

You can use your gemstone jewelry to add a vintage or retro flair to your outfits. Boho lovers will adore floral halo ring or cluster pendant that evokes the ‘flower power’ movement of the 60s.


While art deco fans can add a subtle touch of the flapper look to their outfits with geometric cuts like kite or hexagon shapes with pave accents.  

There are countless ways that gemstone jewelry can complement your daily outfits. Whether you’re looking to add boldness to your look through color or you simply want jewelry with a deeper meaning, there’s a gemstone piece (or three) that has your name on it.

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