Rings Of The Stars: 10 Celebrities With Sapphire Engagement Rings

Of all the gemstones a girl can choose for her engagement ring, there’s one that stands out above the rest. Its vibrant color has been enchanting queens and aristocrats for centuries, and today that magic has trickled down to the world’s most stylish women.

That gemstone is, of course, a sapphire. Whether it’s a rich royal blue, an ocean-like teal, or cheerful yellow-tinged sapphire, this gemstone is perfect for show-stopping engagement rings.

Here are our 10 favorite celebrities with sapphire engagement rings!

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s oval beauty is probably the most famous sapphire engagement ring of modern times. The 12 carat sapphire is surrounded by 14 round diamonds and set in 14K white gold, and has an estimated worth of £390,000 or $465,000.


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Like many royal jewels, the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring comes with a long history. Its inspiration dates back to 1840, when Prince Albert had a sapphire and diamond brooch created for Queen Victoria. The Queen loved her brooch so much that she used it as her ‘something blue’ on her wedding day.

The brooch became a royal heirloom following Victoria’s death, and has been worn by Queen Elizabeth on several occasions. It served as Prince Charles’ inspiration when he was choosing an engagement ring for Princess Diana, who passed it onto William after her death. From Diana’s fingers to Kate’s, this ring has become an iconic British royal sapphire.


Victoria Beckham

No one does engagement rings like Victoria Beckham. The pop star turned fashion designer boasts a collection of 15 engagement rings that she can wear on rotation. Her tenth ring and most spectacular features a dazzling blue sapphire.


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First seen in 2010, Victoria’s ring features a massive oval-cut sapphire on a narrow platinum pavé band. This striking sapphire completes Victoria’s precious gem set; she also has ruby and emerald engagement rings. Of all Victoria’s rings, this one is hands-down our favorite!


Gwyneth Paltrow 

The actress and GOOP founder subtly debuted her sapphire engagement ring from TV writer Brad Falchuk at the 2018 Producers Guild Awards. Admirers have had to guess the details, as Gwyneth’s official engagement post was a black and white picture that masked the rich color.


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Experts believe the solitaire ring is around 12 carats, features a round or cushion cut, and has an estimated value of $300,000 - $600,000. But most importantly, they believe it does a better job of highlighting Gwyneth's bold personality than her previous diamond engagement rings.


Penelope Cruz 

Vintage ring enthusiasts have been in awe of Penelope Cruz’s daisy-shaped sapphire ring since her 2009 engagement to Javier Bardem. Featuring a 3 carat oval sapphire surrounded by a floral diamond halo, this vintage stunner has an estimated cost of $30,000.   


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The feminine design is a wonderful representation of Penelope’s alluring personality and charm, and has inspired brides all over the world to live out their vintage dreams.


Elizabeth Hurley 

Gifted to the British actress by Australian cricketer Shane Warne in 2011, this magical sapphire was Elizabeth Hurley’s most famous engagement ring. The 9 carat square sapphire was surrounded by two 2 carat trillion diamond side stones, set in platinum, and had a whopping estimated value of $100,000. Impressive size and design aside, the ring also came with a touching back story.

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Sapphire was Shane’s birthstone, so he wanted to give Liz a special engagement ring that represented his commitment. The couple never actually got married, but the ring still deserves a mention for its outstanding beauty and sweet symbolism.


Mary Kate Olsen

 This vintage marvel took the fashion world by storm. The opulent diamond and sapphire ring was a stark contrast to Mary Kate’s usual minimal style, but it seemed to suit her perfectly during her engagement and marriage to French banker Olivier Sarkozy.


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Designed by Cartier in 1953, the ring features a 4 carat European-cut diamond surrounded by 16 sapphires and a halo of white diamonds in between golden petals. Sarkozy bought the intricate yet romantic ring at a Sotheby’s auction for $80,000.

The central stone may be a diamond, but it’s clear that the vibrant sapphires are what sets this ring apart!


Elizabeth Taylor

The legendary actress was the proud owner of three incredible sapphire engagement rings during her lifetime. The first was an impressive cabochon sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo, given to her by English actor Michael Wilding in 1952.
The second was a 16 carat beauty with a halo of diamonds, from Mexican lawyer Victor Luna in 1983. Her third and final sapphire and diamond engagement ring was from businessman Dennis Stein in 1984.


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Of Elizabeth’s 10 engagement rings, we believe that her sapphire styles were the most magnificent!


Caitriona Balfe

The Outlander star was given a simple but stunning diamond and sapphire ring from Irish entrepreneur Tony McGill in 2018. The minimalist ring features a central round diamond surrounded by round sapphire side stones set on a slim gold band.


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Caitriona’s ring proves that no matter the size, sapphires always steal the show!


Jenny McCarthy

As much as we love classic blue sapphires, their other color variations also deserve a special mention! Jenny McCarthy’s yellow sapphire engagement ring is an excellent example of how gorgeous all sapphires are.


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The 10 carat sapphire is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and an 18 karat white gold band, and beautifully complements the blonde bombshell’s sunny disposition.


Empress Josephine

The French Empress was centuries ahead of the curve as one of the first noteworthy brides with a toi et moi ring. Currently a highly coveted style, Josephine’s ring featured two opposing pear-shaped stones, one sapphire and one diamond, weighing about 1 carat each.


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The beautiful ring was given to Josephine by Napoleon Bonaparte before he reached success as an Emperor; historians believe the ring must have cost him a fortune! It was well worth it though, as it would become one of the most influential rings of the 19th century.

Like many royal jewels, Josephine’s engagement ring has a rich history. It remained in the Bonaparte family for two centuries until it was sold at the 2013 Osenat auction in France. An anonymous buyer bought the emblematic ring for an astounding $950,000!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of celebrity sapphire engagement rings! Which star’s rock is your favorite?


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Empress Josephine’s ring is one of my all-time favorites! And, definitely my favorite from this list as well. It’s stunning!

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