Gemstones Are (Also) Forever: Why To Choose Colors Over Tradition

We are often told that diamonds are the most valuable and highest quality stone for engagement rings, when in actuality gemstones are equally fantastic options.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your engagement ring. The cut and setting are important, but we believe the most vital yet overlooked element is the stone itself.

Many women opt for diamonds simply because of tradition, even though their heart might be calling for a beautiful colored gemstone.

Today we’ll be busting the myths that diamonds are more prestigious and expensive than gemstones. If you’ve ever had doubts about gemstone engagement rings, prepare to have them removed!

Myth 1: Gemstones Aren’t As Durable As Diamonds

While it’s true that diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the Mohs scale, that doesn’t mean that other gemstones aren’t durable enough for everyday wear. Many jewelers agree that any stone with a Mohs rating of 7 or higher is strong enough to resist the wear and tear of daily life.

Vintage pieces that still look amazing are even more proof that gemstone jewelry can absolutely stand the test of time. Just look at Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring - it’s been with the Windsor family since the 80s and it’s still in mint condition!

So, what gemstones pass the durability test? Quartz, beryl, topaz, and corundum varieties respectively score 7, 8, and 9 on the Mohs scale. They are all more than durable enough for everyday wear. You can select stunning colorful gems like amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies for your engagement ring without worrying about them breaking or cracking.

Myth 2: Gemstones Aren’t As Prestigious As Diamonds

The idea that diamonds are the most prestigious gemstones in the world is a relatively new concept. Other precious gems were treasured just as much as diamonds prior to the 1930s. All you have to do is look at royal jewel collections for proof! Monarchs and nobles collected gems such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls for centuries to wear in their jewelry or to simply adorn their homes.

The popularity of diamonds catapulted after a very successful marketing campaign by De Beers in 1938. The famous jewelry company had taken control of the world’s diamond supply after acquiring several diamond mines in Africa, and needed to make sure their new inventory would sell. This was when the wildly influential slogan “A Diamond Is Forever” was created, and a new tradition was established. To put things into perspective, only 10% of all engagement rings featured diamonds before World War II!

Choosing a gemstone engagement ring today isn’t just going against the grain. It’s honoring centuries-old traditions, and bringing back genuine old world prestige.

Myth 3: Gemstones Aren’t As Rare Or Valuable As Diamonds

There’s no denying that diamonds are valuable. But not all diamonds are more expensive than gemstones. There are plenty of gemstones out there that are more valuable than diamonds because they have better color, clarity, cuts, and a higher carat weight. This means that, despite popular belief, in some cases choosing a diamond engagement ring is “stepping lower” than choosing a gemstone engagement ring!  

In terms of rarity, there are also many gemstones that are naturally rarer than diamonds. In fact, diamonds haven’t been considered rare since the 1800s when large mines were found in South Africa. Even more diamond supplies have been discovered over the last century in Russia, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, proving that diamonds are actually quite easy to find. They’ve just been marketed as rare.  

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite, alexandrite, black opals, and natural pearls are all much rarer than diamonds as they can only be found in select locations across the globe.

Myth 4: Gemstones Aren’t As Versatile As Diamonds

We have to admit that a colorless diamond is easy to match with any outfit. But that doesn’t mean that a gemstone isn’t! A white diamond may complement your outfit, but a vibrant gemstone will bring it to life. It’s a simple and luxurious way to add a pop of color to your daily outfits, which is perfect for any girl that loves to express herself with bold colors.

A colored gemstone will instantly make your engagement ring more unique, and will likely be a better reflection of your personality. Whether you opt for a birthstone or a gem in your favorite color, it will stand apart in a sea of colorless diamonds.

As you can see, gemstone engagement rings are nothing to shy away from. There are so many gorgeous stones out there that will reflect your personality while providing you with excellent quality.

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Will you join us in the colorful engagement ring revolution?

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